Nutrition For Cancer Prevention

Which foods can help you grow longer telomeres to extend your life span?

Produce builds your immune system. Produce is where most of your vitamins, minerals, enzymes (contained in uncooked produce), phytonutrients and antioxidants come from. It really is that simple. Cancer cannot proliferate in a body where a strong immune system is constantly killing off anything that does not belong in your body. Another benefit to eating a lot of produce is that it produces a PH balance in the body that is more alkaline. Cancer cannot live in an environment that has an alkaline state of 7.4. Sugar, meats, hard cheeses, alcohol, ice cream and anything made with wheat flour are among the highest acid forming foods, so these are a no no or at least should not be consumed often to obtain a cancer-free life.
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Nutrition and Brain Function

ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) scores of vegetables vary from plant to plant: Click here for photo caption.

A look at the plaqued brains of both the blueberry-fed and chow-fed mice after death revealed no difference in the number of brain plaques in either group. Amyloid-beta-induced plaques are only one aspect of Alzheimers disease, says Joseph. But the fact that we saw a diet-induced behavioral difference, despite a similarity in plaque density in both these animal groups, is significant. The team found increased activity of a family of enzymes called kinases in the brains of the amyloid-plaqued mice that were fed blueberry extract. Two kinases found in particular, ERK and PKC, are important in mediating cognitive function, such as converting short-term memory to long-term. These kinase molecules are involved in signaling pathways for learning and memory, says Joseph.
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2Busy Nutrition Is On A Mission

Good nutrition is the basis for a healthy and happy life. David Parson is a representative who said “most people know Organic Wheatgrass is good for them but few realize its true potential benefit to their sense of well-being”. He continues “We as the human race seem to always be in a “race”, our bodies become a little too acidic from stress and this provides a foundation for possible illness and disease. Taking organic wheatgrass daily can significantly improve the bodies alkaline levels bringing back some balance again.” But 2Busy Nutrition wants to go a step further suggesting the secret to achieving this in the shortest possible time is to add a spoonful of wheatgrass powder to a large drink bottle filled with water, then shake the bottle till it is mixed well and drink during the day instead of just water. This process of drinking wheatgrass throughout the day effectively provides the body with the nutrients it needs to stay balanced. David also says “Our mission is to spread the news that there is a simple way to look after yourself and our product Premium Organic Wheatgrass Powder can really make a difference.” 2Busy Nutrition has seen a rapid increase in demand for its product in recent weeks showing their “wheatgrass can make a big difference” message is getting heard.
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