Gestational Diabetes Was More Likely To Develop In Women Who Had Low Level Of Adiponectin

From blood sample information, the investigators analyzed levels of adiponectin before pregnancy. They observed that overweight women with high levels of adiponectin were 1.7 times more likely to develop gestational diabetes than normal weight women with normal levels of the hormone. Overweight women with the lowest levels of adiponectin, however, were almost seven times more likely to get the condition. The risk for normal weight women with low levels of the hormone was 3.5 times greater than those with normal levels. “Low adiponectin levels were linked with gestational diabetes even for women without traditional diabetes risk factors such as being overweight, so this could be an important clinical marker for women who may become pregnant, said Dr.
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Metabolic menace: The not-so-sweet diabetes

The fact that diabetes is hitting young adults, in their twenties and thirties, is alarming. Morbidity associated with diabetes takes away from the country’s productivity and adds to the surmounting healthcare costs. The diabetic capital of the world – Indians have a diabetic gene and if epidemiological predictions are true,by 2020, 1 in 5 Indians will be “sweet”. The alarming fact is that it is striking early in life, affecting young adults in their twenties and thirties. The morbidity associated with this takes away from the productivity of the country and adds to the surmounting cost of healthcare. A disease thought to be, primarily, due to deficiency of insulin in the body, concomitant resistance to the insulin action at the cellular level is another factor. Remember, the carbohydrates (sweets, rice, potatoes, etc) you eat are rapidly absorbed and metabolized (put to use) by the action of a hormone called “insulin”.
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