Vitamins don’t make Girl Scout cookies healthful

Belvidere’s Bread of Life Vitamins shop closing after 19 years

This is the era in which, instead of eating calcium-rich foods, we eat calcium-enriched foods that make sure you know about that in big letters on the label. Or the ones with antioxidants or the omega 3 fatty acids. Particularly if its the only claim to health fame they can make. And its one of several reasons to be suspicious of government attempts to engineer our eating habits through bans, taxes and other restrictions.
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Vitamins and supplements: The 30-billion dollar rip-off!

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Often times you might be walking through your local market and in the area where they have their vitamins and supplements, you might see some unsuspecting consumers carefully looking at the label of the bottle they are holding. Well, in the vitamin and supplement business, those labels mean nothing! Legally, they can say anything they damn well want on those labels and they love the word ” organic ,” which in fact, means nothing! The truth is, the vitamin and supplement industry is virtually non-regulated and none of the companies are required to go through safety and efficacy testing. Dr. Marion Nestle, Professor of Nutrition , Food Studies and Public Health at New York University, has noted on many occasions that “many vitamins and supplements may contain impurities and may not have the active ingredients on their label.” There have been numerous scientific studies which have proven that processed oils, minerals, extracts and herbs do absolutely nothing positive for your health and may actually be harmful. Most major media outlets will not report this because some of their largest ads (source of revenue) are from the companies who make these products.
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TODAY’S DEAL $10 for $20 worth of great Mexican food! Daily Deal savings of 50%. Value: $20.00 Sign up to receive our DailyDeals Events Calendar Posted Aug 29, 2013 @ 09:07 PM On the Web Belvidere shop owner talks about closing store BELVIDERE Jane Gordon will miss walking into the Bread of Life Vitamins store in Belvidere. Whenever she stepped inside the small mom-and-pop business, the comforting smell of essential oils sold there would wash over her.
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