Vitamins don’t make Girl Scout cookies healthful

Belvidere’s Bread of Life Vitamins shop closing after 19 years

This is the era in which, instead of eating calcium-rich foods, we eat calcium-enriched foods that make sure you know about that in big letters on the label. Or the ones with antioxidants or the omega 3 fatty acids. Particularly if its the only claim to health fame they can make. And its one of several reasons to be suspicious of government attempts to engineer our eating habits through bans, taxes and other restrictions.
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Vitamins and supplements: The 30-billion dollar rip-off!

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Often times you might be walking through your local market and in the area where they have their vitamins and supplements, you might see some unsuspecting consumers carefully looking at the label of the bottle they are holding. Well, in the vitamin and supplement business, those labels mean nothing! Legally, they can say anything they damn well want on those labels and they love the word ” organic ,” which in fact, means nothing! The truth is, the vitamin and supplement industry is virtually non-regulated and none of the companies are required to go through safety and efficacy testing. Dr. Marion Nestle, Professor of Nutrition , Food Studies and Public Health at New York University, has noted on many occasions that “many vitamins and supplements may contain impurities and may not have the active ingredients on their label.” There have been numerous scientific studies which have proven that processed oils, minerals, extracts and herbs do absolutely nothing positive for your health and may actually be harmful. Most major media outlets will not report this because some of their largest ads (source of revenue) are from the companies who make these products.
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TODAY’S DEAL $10 for $20 worth of great Mexican food! Daily Deal savings of 50%. Value: $20.00 Sign up to receive our DailyDeals Events Calendar Posted Aug 29, 2013 @ 09:07 PM On the Web Belvidere shop owner talks about closing store BELVIDERE Jane Gordon will miss walking into the Bread of Life Vitamins store in Belvidere. Whenever she stepped inside the small mom-and-pop business, the comforting smell of essential oils sold there would wash over her.
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You need guts to be happy no matter what: The importance of a healthy digestive system for enhanced immunity

Cleanse your digestive system the easy way by eating kitchari

The gut is home to 100 million neurons – more than what the spinal cord has. It also contains 24 minor brain proteins, major cells that regulate immune function, one of the body’s in-built opiates, and native bensodizipine. Recently there has been one more addition to the nervous system: The gut, also known as the enteric nervous system. It is ensconced inside sheaths of tissue found in the lining of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon. It is known to have an important function in regulating our emotions. Isn’t it obvious why symptoms from the two brains are often the source of confusion? How intestinal flora aid digestion and foods that help build them Cells in the human digestive system lack some of the enzymes needed to break down certain types of food.
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Your Digestive System

Dr. Vasant Lad’s mini-Panchakarma cleanse consists mostly of eating kitchari for a few days along with ghee (clarified butter), another healing food that Ayurvedic practitioners believe increases agni, the internal fire that powers digestion and metabolism. With many years of trial and error to its credit, Ayurveda has demonstrated that simple combination to effectively detoxify the body. Since Ayurveda suggests specific diets for individual doshas — mind-body constitutional types — eating Ayurvedically inevitably translates to limited food choices, making it unpopular for those wanting access to the full range of culinary options. Kitchari, however, is safe for everyone to eat because it is tridoshic, meaning it is fine for all three doshas. Health benefits aside, kitchari can be appreciated for its taste alone.
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For example: GERD – eliminating or decreasing the amount of caffeine in the diet is helpful. Eating small frequent meals, not eating close to bedtime and avoiding alcohol at nightalso helps. Celiac disease -eliminating gluten is the treatment although regular check ups are crucial as well. Our digestive system has what is called theEnteric nervous system which consists ofmillionsof neurons and neural synapses just like our brain. It produces several neurotransmitters. GI system has been sometimes called the ‘second brain’.
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Digestive system

Liver The liver has a number of different roles in the body, including: Breaking down fats, using bile stored in the gall bladder Processing proteins and carbohydrates Filtering and processing impurities, drugs and toxins Generation of glucose for short-term energy needs from other compounds like lactate and amino acids. The large intestine Once all the nutrients have been absorbed, the waste is moved into the large intestine, or bowel. Water is removed and the waste (faeces) is stored in the rectum. It can then be passed out of the body through the anus. Common problems in the digestive system Some common problems include: Colitis inflammation of the bowel Diverticulitis inflammation of pouches lining the small intestine Gastroenteritis an infection that causes vomiting and diarrhoea Heartburn when the contents of the stomach back up into the oesophagus Ulcer a hole in the mucous membrane lining the stomach or duodenum. Where to get help Your doctor Things to remember Food is broken down by the digestive system to give energy to every cell in the body.
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Vitamins & Supplements: Are They Really Bad for Us?

It’s official: health supplements are a load of phoney baloney

Pulse Cardiomax High Strength Omega 3 Pure Fish Oils 6565 300x300 Its official: health supplements are a load of phoney baloney

In this current era, where medical costs are being scrutinized, it appears that diet supplements represent not only a potential waste but also is increasing health care spending through their deleterious effects. When I meet with patients, I make sure to tell them that vitamins can impact health. When there is a deficiency, they have a real role in a patients treatment plan. However, blind consumption without a clear purpose can be harmful, which these recent reports clearly demonstrate.
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Vitamins and Vitamin Supplements: Use Increases in America

The numbers are growing. A new government study found that more than half of American adults take at least one dietary supplement. But despite their popularity, many experts remain skeptical of their effects. “Although we were not surprised, it is interesting to note that not only did supplemental calcium use and vitamin D use increase for all women aged 60 and over from 1988 to 1994 to 1999 to 2002, but there was also an increase from [between] 1999 [and] 2002 to 2003 to 2006,” said Jaime Gahche, a nutritional researcher with the National Center for Health Statistics and lead author of the study. Supplements can contain high amounts of specific nutrients, and are often used to increase nutrition in a person’s diet.
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Now 100% Authentic Health Care Products Available

Most of the time they eat preserved, processed and frozen food that is lack of nutrition and some other minerals. Therefore, not only providing the best health care supplements that fulfill the entire requirements, which a body needs like proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc., and our products also help in curing health-related problems. Healthmart11 also offers gym equipments and best bodybuilding supplements for men, women and children as well to help them to keep energetic, active and healthy throughout the day. For more information on Health care products and equipments click here About This company is dedicated or devoted to offering the best-quality healthcare products, including Purifiers Products (water and air), Nutrition Products such as Anti Oxidants, Creatine, Body Building, Glutamine, Multi Vitamins & Minerals and Fish Oil.
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vitamins supplements

Which! decided to investigate well known brands like Seven Seas to see if they actually worked, according to EU regulations. They found that Bioglan Probiotic capsules, Bimuno Prebiotic powder and Seven Seas Cardiomax all made unproven health claims on their packaging. Since December, its been illegal to advertise health claims on products that havent been approved by the EU. Its a blow for the lucrative supplement industry, which is worth 385m.
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Divorce Reasons: Couple Splits Due To Husband’s Incessant Snoring

Loading Slideshow Kidney Catastrophe Is it appropriate to ask your ex to return a gift post-divorce? This Long Island surgeon certainly thinks so. He gave his wife a kidney while they were married. But after she filed for divorce in July 2005, he wanted it back.
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Snoring ‘cured by singing exercise’

The app also records snore samples that you can play back, so if you go to a sleep specialist, you can play examples of your snoring for them so they can listen before bringing you in for a full sleep study. The app also helps you gauge how effective different snoring remedies you try really are. If you go to sleep for a few nights wearing those nose strips, the app will show you whether they’ve actually improved your snoring (related: There’s a great study worth reading in the journal Rhinology that says those strips actually work pretty well). As you try different methods, Snorelab will help you figure out what’s working and what isn’t. You can see more of the app’s features at the link below and in the video above.
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Snorelab Tracks Your Snoring, Helps You Find Out Which Sleep Tips Work

Help an autistic family! It cost a family about $72,000 per year to pay for treatments that actually make a difference! August 14, 2012 at 01:05 | Report abuse | Reply me @cure autism. I am confused as to what ‘ These parents need to get over it’ has anything to do with the study on snoring and mood disorders in preschoolers.
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Snoring in kids could mean other problems, doctors say

For three months, the patients in the clinical trial have been doing singing exercises to improve the tone of their throat muscles. Choir director Alise Ojay is the inventor of Singing for Snorers exercises. She told Today presenter Evan Davis that she had found that patients who sung the sounds “ung” and “gar” found that their snoring decreased or stopped. First broadcast on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Monday 19 August 2013.
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Sleep Disorders in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

When they performed sleep studies of 343 people meeting the Fukuda definition of ME/CFS, they found that 104 – nearly a third – had a primary sleep disorder that explained their symptoms, and thus didn’t have ME/CFS at all. A 1/3 misdiagnosis rate is enough of a reason to look more closely for sleep disorders. In those who didn’t have primary sleep disorders, just under 90% met the criteria for at least one measurable sleep problem. Researchers identified four different groups based on sleep abnormalities. They were: Group 1: Slower to get to sleep, delayed Rapid Eye Movement (REM), lower percentages of stage 2 and REM sleep; Group 2: More frequent awakenings; Group 3: Longer total sleep time, less delayed REM sleep, higher percentage of REM sleep, lower percentage of wake time; Group 4: Shortest total sleep time, highest percentage of wake time after sleep onset. Researchers concluded that doctors need to routinely screen for sleep disorders when considering an ME/CFS diagnosis, and that they should use sleep studies to identify sleep problems and tailor treatments to the specific groups. What kind of sleep problems do you have?
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In Connecticut there are many centers specialized in treatment for sleep disorders. Here are some of those: UConn Health Center- Sleep Disorder Center located in Farmington, Hartford Hospital Sleep Disorder Center , Enfield Sleep Disorder Center , Sleep Disorder Center of Connecticut in Hamden , Northeastern Sleep Disorder Center LLC in Vernon, Eastern Connecticut Health Network ECHN have few doctors specialized in Sleep Medicine working in Manchester. It is very important recognize the function of a good sleep for a good health. Having trouble falling asleep or not feeling rest in the morning is something to consider to talk with your doctor or a sleep specialist. Insufficient sleep is associated with a number of chronic diseases and conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression. Other symptoms you may need to consider as effect of insufficient sleep or sleep disorders are memory loss, trouble concentrating, irritability “Sleep Hygiene” is a key word to define good sleep habits.
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